GMF over Coronacrisis

The German Marshall Fund of the United States is een organisatie die zich inzet voor goede transatlantische verhoudingen. Zoals de naam al zegt vind de organisatie haar oorsprong in de Marshall hulp van na de Tweede Wereldoorlog.

Onderstaand bericht ontvingen wij als redactie van het GMF. Wij willen onze lezers de tekst graag integraal aanbieden.

As both sides of the Atlantic grapple with how best to contain the pandemic sparked by the coronavirus, GMF believes strong cooperation between Europe and United States is more important than ever. I want to share with you the most recent ways GMF is adapting its work to meet the demands of this challenging time.

We featured Anders Tegnell––sometimes called Sweden’s Dr. Fauci––in a webinar organized with the Swedish Embassy this Wednesday that drew an audience of over 1,000 and generated lively social media conversation. Tegnell was masterful in explaining Sweden’s singular response to the pandemic. That virtual session, together with last week’s conversation organized with Perry World House about the pandemic featuring UPenn’s Dr. Zeke Emanuel, a noted U.S. public health specialist, shows the appetite for expert perspective across the Atlantic. For the latest installment of our Transatlantic Tuesday webinar, GMF Trustee and former U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp shared insights about the upcoming U.S. elections—even in this crisis, we see keen European interest in understanding the forces shaping the U.S. political landscape.

Earlier this week, Senate and House staff members participated in a three-city virtual briefing to hear from experts in Paris, Rome, and Berlin about how France, Italy, and Germany are tackling the pandemic. Each half-hour conversation also covered the implications of and reactions to Chinese assistance to Europe.

Alumni of our Marshall Memorial Fellowship are stepping forward to share their expertise. We connected a senior advisor of Washington Governor Inslee to the Danish Prime Minister’s Office to discuss how Denmark is approaching opening up its society and economy following its lockdown. Enabling the United States and Europe to share best practices on key issues has always been a core part of GMF’s mission, and fostering this kind of exchange is particularly urgent now.

GMF has launched a new podcast series on the geopolitical implications of the coronavirus: Post-Pandemic Order.  Each week, we will host a high-level guest from the United States or Europe to tackle the big questions associated with the crisis and its aftermath, including the durability of democracies and autocracies, the future of the transatlantic relationship, the role of technology, and societal impacts. The first episode featuring Senator Chris Murphy debuted on Wednesday.

And, of course, GMF experts continue to shed light on the many facets of the crisis with their analysis.

To see all of our content on the unfolding pandemic, visit the Coronavirus Crisis section of our website, or subscribe to our weekly newsletter to have the latest GMF research and analysis in your inbox every Wednesday morning.

Thank you for being part of our community. Stay safe and stay healthy! Together we will work to keep the transatlantic relationship strong.

All best, and take good care,

Karen Donfried

The German Marshall Fund of the United States

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